WordPress: Send Administrator E-Mails to all you users with Email Users 2 Plugin (Emu2)

Tested with WordPress 3.2.1!

Now schedule your mails.

WordPress: Send email to users, manually or on schedule (digest of newest posts). Users can send emails to each other. Export function included. A plugin for wordpress which allows you to send an email to the registered blog users. Users can send personal emails to each other. Power users can email groups of users and even notify group of users of posts. With ability to schedule mails of the newest post in digest form.


Download from WordPress repository


Do you have other plugins?

Check out my other WordPress Plugins.

My provider/host/server does not seem to work with your plugin

OK, there are some administrator outside which treat their services very strict. Mass mailing can always be misused for spamming. That’s why you should ask your admin for current restrictions on mail sending. Pass their answers to me. And by the way, if you are starting a serious business than you should not put your website on a cheap mass web host without any personal support.

Problems with automatic sending. Why are some mails send by the hour instead daily or even three times in a row?

The build in scheduler of WordPress which I use in this plugin is not 100% reliable. This seems to be a bug. It’s already an issue in the bug tracking system of the WordPress developers. Have a look: http://core.trac.wordpress.org/. Emu2 is still beta. If you don’t want to get into trouble with your users I advice you to turn this automatic function off until the bug is fixed.

How can I give certain users the ability to use EMU2?

Scroll down in settings menu and you will find the different capabilities. You can assign them to different roles, hence to your users. I would advice you to use the plugin [User Role Eitor].

Where do I post my feedback?


How can I support you?

That is nice of you. Donation link: https://1manfactory.com/donate

Will there ever be a real manual?

I don’t know. Maybe.


0.83b (23.11.2011)

  • adding spanish version – Thanks to Pablo Olave from Chile

0.82b (06.07.2011)

  • tested with WordPress 3.2 -> ok
  • fixed HTML link problem in visual editor

0.81b (10.06.2011)

  • not sending empty mail without digest
  • sending success mail to admin

0.80b (09.06.2011)

  • NEW: Schedule a digest mail of the newest posts
  • Put sender into to field when sending problems (optional)
  • editing of templates moved to additional section

0.73b (30.05.2011)

  • Bugfixing on sending of test mails

0.72b (30.05.2011)

  • Test with WordPress 3.1.3 -> ok
  • Bugfixing on missing Url information in sent mails
  • changed default values from 0 to NULL to prevent possible errors

0.71b (24.04.2011)

  • enhancing administration of user capabilities

0.70b (16.04.2011)

  • some bug fixing with invalid from field values
  • bcc limit variable
  • choose your own sender name and address
  • more translations

0.65b (07.04.2011)

  • setting Return-Path
  • setting Message-Id

0.64b (05.04.2011)

  • implementing debug mode
  • tested with WordPress 3.1

0.63b (09.02.2011)

  • tested with WordPress 3.0.5
  • additional translation

0.62b (04.02.2011)

  • Translation of user roles

0.61b (04.02.2011)

  • Debug Info in subject line removed (sorry for that)

0.60b (03.02.2011)

  • UTF-8 Bug with german Umlauts fixed
  • Ability to chose between server mail function and wordpress mail function
  • new icon

0.54b (02.02.2011)

  • Solving Dashboard Folding Bug

0.53b (02.02.2011)

  • Some new translating.
  • Improving Error messages when using different roles

0.52b (01.02.2011)

  • fixed redeclare of function error

0.50b (27.01.2011)

  • using build in wordpress function so sent mail
  • adding screenshots
  • translation update
  • now with traceless deinstallation routine

0.42b (26.01.2011)

  • HTML-Editor: fixing problems with media upload

0.41b (26.01.2011)

  • Fixing small HTML-Editor bug

0.40b (22.01.2011)

  • Using HTML-Editor (TinyMCE)
  • Fixing small mail sending bug
  • making screenshots

0.32b (10.01.2011)

  • UTF-8

0.31b (10.01.2011)


0.3b (10.01.2011)

  • wrong folders

0.2b (10.01.2011)

  • first version, please test before productive using
global $qrcodetag; echo $qrcodetag->getQrCodeUrl($content, $size, $encoding, $ecc, $margin, $version);

177 Gedanken zu „WordPress: Send Administrator E-Mails to all you users with Email Users 2 Plugin (Emu2)

  1. Govpatel


    I am using your plugin and would like know if there was way to add user name to personalize the email and at bottom of email if I could add the date they registered on the website.

    Govindji Patel

  2. Jeroen

    Hello , looks great , thnx for the effort , there’s only one bug , after installing this plugin its impossible too use the menu at the wordpress dashboard ,its there only the titels are clickeble but the rest isnt working

    What can this be ?


  3. maria


    we are using your plugin and when we put in our html code it sends just the code not the actual email. any ideas?

    1. Jürgen Schulze Beitragsautor

      I have just checked with different email adresses. Everything was ok.
      It is not unusual that HTML mails are destroyed at the reader’s/client’s side. Reason is that HTML in mails is not officially supported, it’s not that easy to handle.
      Please create a new user at a decent provider (e.g. googlemail) and just sent an HTML mail there.
      And just to make sure: DON’T CREATE HTML CODE YOURSELF! Use the visual editor to do so.

  4. maria

    thank you for quick response. I am ok with using visual editor for html, but when i go to “insert an image” it just sits there…how do i insert an image with the visual editor? please advise. thank you so much. 🙂

  5. Patrick


    ich möchte mich hiermit für dieses tolle Plugin bedanken. Bis jetzt hatte ich immer “Suscribe2” verwendet, das mir allerdings zu aufgeblasen und umfangreich ist. Ich will doch nur eine Möglichkeit haben Mails zu schreiben ohne gleich großartige Automatismen zu schaffen.
    Hab mir dein Plugin gleich mal angesehen und getestet. Es erfüllt soweit meine Erwartungen und tut das was es soll.
    Einzig ein Problem habe ich: Wenn das Plugin aktiviert ist, lassen sich die Menüpunkte im Dashboard nicht mehr dynamisch aufklappen über den kleinen Pfeil. Ist aber ehr kosmetischer Natur.
    (Oh, ich hoffe es ist kein Problem in Deutsch zu schreiben, falls doch, werd ich’s nächstes mal in englisch tun)


    1. Jürgen Schulze Beitragsautor

      Danke für das Lob.
      Das Problem mit dem Dashboard war mir noch gar nicht aufgefallen.
      Ich werde versuchen, mich in den nächsten Tagen darum zu kümmern, denn das kann natürlich nicht so bleiben.

  6. Jeroen

    Hello Jürgen

    Sorry for my late reply i was a few days of , about browser using , it al looks the same on ie , chrome and Firefox , so that can be the problem , also my WP version is the most recent , but i think your plugin and a other one are not working together i think , i will try them al and will let you know

    1. Jürgen Schulze Beitragsautor

      I know about that dashboard problem where you can’t fold the box folders anymore.
      This happens because of some double used Javascript library for the editor loaded in parallel. I still have to use it because otherwise the HTML editor won’t work.
      But I am aware of it and will try to find a work around.
      Thank god it is still beta 🙂

  7. Jason

    I installed Role Manager and added a couple of new roles just like the Author role. I added the new roles so that users could use them in the “email to group” function. After assigning members to these roles the Email Users 2 functionality doesn’t show up for them in the dashboard (even though the Emu 2 capabilities are enabled within the role). If I reassign them back to Author, Email Users 2 shows up again… Is there something I’m missing?

  8. Tony


    Great Plugin! I notice that when sending email, the plugin populates the To: with the sender’s address. I understand putting it in the CC: but any way to just have the recipients name populate in To: ?


    1. Jürgen Schulze Beitragsautor

      putting all the recipient in “to” fiel would not be a good idea.
      I think there is nothing more annoying in newletters than reading your address amongs others in “to” or “cc” fields.
      Putting the recipients inside “bcc” is the only way to keep your privacy.
      That’s why I use “bcc”.

      1. Tony

        Hi Jurgen:

        I completely agree about using BCC for recipients. Sorry, I meant that the sending address shows up in the CC. Is there anyway to remove it?


  9. Paul

    Hi Jürgen, super Plugin.

    Was mir noch fehlt wäre wenn ein Kommentar geschrieben wird, das die User die Registriert sind eine E-Mail bekommen. Ähnlich dem Plugin “EMail Users”. Wäre nett wenn du sowas noch einbauen könntest, dann wäre dein Plugin die wahre “Eierlegende Wollmilchsau” ;).

    Trotzdem super Plugin bisher. Weiter so.


      1. Jürgen Schulze Beitragsautor

        Jaja, das Plugin taugt bestimmt.
        Aber ich brauchte halt eines, um beliebige Mails an Nutzer zu verschicken und nicht nur automatische Benachrichtigungen

  10. Paul

    Ich bekomme immer zwei E-Mails wenn ich die E-Mail an die User schicke mit deinem Plugin. Gewollt? Bug? Fehler bei mir? Nutze das aktuelle WordPress. Wie kann man das abstellen? Die E-Mails werden Zeitgleich gesendet. Komisch ist das.


    1. Paul

      Superschneller Bugfix. Die Version 0.51b beseitigt die doppelten E-Mails. Danke dafür. Weiter so, cooles Plugin sollte von Haus aus beim WordPress dabei sein.

  11. gareth

    Hi, I am trying to test out your plugin – it looks really good – but it is failing to install.
    I get the following error….

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare editor_admin_init() (previously declared in /usr/local/psa/home/vhosts/scottredding45.com/httpdocs/wp-content/plugins/email-users/email-users.php:332) in /usr/local/psa/home/vhosts/scottredding45.com/httpdocs/wp-content/plugins/emu2-email-users-2/emu2.php on line 359

    Do you know what this might mean and how I can make the plugin install properly?
    Site is running 30.0.4


    1. Jürgen Schulze Beitragsautor

      thank you very much for that hint.
      I only had to change the name of the function to make sure it will not interfere with the other one.
      Please check the new version 0.52b

  12. Jürgen Eckert

    Hi Jürgen,

    really nice plugin. Exactly what I was looking for!
    I played around a little bit and found one minor problem (at least for me).

    I always receive 2 To lines. The mail code for the latter To looks like this:
    To: =?UTF-8?Q?J=C3=BCrgen_Eckert_ ,?=@yyyy.zzzzz.net
    Takes strange. And the really funny thing is the strange ,?=@yyyy.zzzz.net… thing. Which is the domain of my homepage provider.
    OK I can not resolve the UTF8 coding properly, but this should not be the problem?!
    Thunderbird always depicts the mail as if it would have 3 recipents. Twice me and once ?=@provider.

    I am useing the latest plugin (0.52b) as well as the latest wordpress (3.0.4)

    Greeting and thanks for your help

    1. Jürgen Eckert

      well I am not sure but it seems to be the umlaut within my name which generates the problem. But Jürgen, you have the same name. Do you have observed the same weired “=?@provider” as a third recipient in the second To line within the mail code? Is it my fault or is it the fault of the provider and more important: does the provider =?@… receive this mails to?
      When I remove the umlaut from my name everything works perfect.


    2. Jürgen Eckert

      Hi again,

      last night it was a bit late (2:55 AM) and I got really silly…

      Here are the real two problems:
      1) In the source code of the mail are two TO lines. This results into an warning:
      X-Amavis-Alert: BAD HEADER SECTION, Duplicate header field: “To”
      2) The UTF8 delimiter is closed too late. E.g.:
      To: =?UTF-8?Q?J=C3=BCrgen_ ,
      I think ?= should be closed before the actual mail address. Or it is just missing and the mail server therefore somehow adds: “, ?=@subdomain.provider.net”
      That is the only explanation I can come up with. I cannot fix it (due to time issues). If I remove the umlaut everything works as expected.


      1. Jürgen Schulze Beitragsautor

        It should be ok now.
        Somehow the mail function is not always able to encode to UTF-8. I think I found a way to work around that.
        Please have a look at the new version.

        1. Jürgen Eckert

          Thanks for the very quick bug-fix. Now everything seems to work just fine.


          PS: There is probably another micro bug on the group mail page: The group names don’t get translated. E.g. editors are called “Editors” and not “Redakteure”

  13. Tony

    Thanks for a great plugin! I have just downloaded your new build and have found it appears to add “wp_mail:” or “mail:” to the subject line (depending which mail function you have selected). Can this be removed as it looks odd?

  14. Patrick


    es scheinen ja laufend Verbesserungen einzufließen … wie gesagt, tolle Arbeit. Danke dafür.
    Ich kann mir aber leider nicht helfen, das Problem mit den sich nicht öffnenden Menü-Punkten im Dashboard besteht bei mir weiterhin so bald ich dein Plugin aktiviere. Es geht nur immer das “Untermenü” wie z.B. “Einstellungen” auf, auf das ich gerade geklickt habe, alle anderen bleiben zugeklappt.
    Es gibt nur zwei Fälle, in denen alles normal aufgeklappt wird und sich auch wie gewohnt dynamisch aufklappen lässt, und zwar beim klicken auf:
    – Nutzer mailen
    – Gruppen mailen
    Selbst wenn ich in deinem Plugin auf den Punkt “Einstellungen” oder “Liste exportieren” klicke, lässt sich nichts mehr aufklappen.
    Wie gesagt, nur bei oben genannten zwei Untermüpunkten.
    Wirklich rätselhaft und komisch. Ich dachte im Chancelog gelesen zu haben das sei behoben.

    —> (0.54b (02.02.2011) * Solving Dashboard Folding Bug)

    Leider scheint es hier bei mir trotzdem nicht zu funktionieren.
    Ich schicke gern mal meine aktivierten Plugins, vielleicht hilft das, oder ich schreibe sie hier in einen Kommentar.
    Ich hoffe es liegt nicht an mir?
    (Ich hatte schon am 27.1. um 17.25 Uhr etwas dazu geschrieben)
    Natürlich bin ich mir darüber im Klaren, dass sich das Plugin noch im Beta-Status befindet 😉


    1. Patrick

      Ich habe noch vergessen etwas zu erwähnen, das evtl. wichtig sein könnte.
      Auch auf der Seite “Dashboard”, auf der neue Plugins vorgestellt werden und sich solche Punkte befinden wie “WordPress Deutschland Blog”, “Weitere WordPress-News” oder “Auf einen Blick” klappen diese Sachen nicht mehr auf, es wird also nichts mehr geladen, eben keine neuen Plugins oder neue Beiträge aus den genannten Rubriken.
      Ich hoffe es ist klar geworden was ich meine. Entschuldigung für diese Erklärung 🙁

      1. Jürgen Schulze Beitragsautor

        I hope you don’t mind answering in English. I want others to participate from this as well.
        Your problems are very likely to result in a corrupt interaction with other plugins.
        I would advise you to either
        – deactivate every plugin at once and activate them step by step again or
        – activate all plugins and deactivate them step by step until
        you know which plugin is responsible for the trouble.
        I have been testing and developing EMU2 with a “naked” fresh local wordpress installation. But I am using it on different locations – some of the with 30+ plugins without any problems now.
        Just let me know which plugin causes the trouble and I will have a look.

        1. Patrick

          No problem. I am able to write in english. Hmm, I hope so 🙂
          I will try to detect the problem by activating/deactivating the plugins I have installed.

          1. Jürgen Schulze Beitragsautor

            I am just testing TinyMCE Advanced with Emu2 – no problems so far. I can manipulate the appearance of the editor inside TinyMCE Advanced (by the way, thanks for the tip) and I can see the changes when editing mails to send.
            I am even checking it with Javascript error console which normally should throw an error when something is wrong – no error!
            Folding of header blocks is fine, no problems on dashboard or any submenu.
            Please make sure that you are really using the most current versions of both plugins.
            And empty the cash of your browser or use another browser to check. Sometimes (depending on client or server settings) included javascript-code (which generates the editor) can be outdated.

          2. Patrick

            Ok, I’m really confused ^^
            I really don’t hope that I am the problem …

            There is no explanation for me why this problem still exists.
            I tested it now by using Opera and Konquerer on a Ubuntu system. I made also sure I’m using the most current version of both plugins … Empty cache. —> No change.
            Whatever … I just deactivated the plugin “TinyMCE Advanced” because I really don’t need it. But yours is more important, so I “Tiny…” will be deleted.

            Thank you for your efforts 😉

  15. bobby

    This is what I was looking for all these days… A WordPress software that allows me to contact members registered at my blog as subscribers. I really appreciate the time and effort you’ve put in developing this pluging. Thanks.

  16. Kaiyan

    Hi, I post entries on to my blog using the email function. Is there any way to send a notification to users automatically without having to click on the button?

  17. Quinn F.

    Hi, great plugin and fills a niche that was needed by alot of people thanks.

    I’ve found a compatibility issue with cformsII Version 11.7.1. Wen i enable Emu2 – Email Users 2 Emu2 – Email Users 2 and on WordPress 3.0.5 the tracking form in cformsII is corrupted so no records are loaded from the database. I’ve reported on the cformsII as well as here.

    I hope a resolution can be found as both are fantastic plugins.



  18. Sundar

    hi nice plugin thanks for that first.

    i have installed “Advanced Email Options” plugin named wp-mail-smtp/wp_mail_smtp.php

    i have made some settings there. but it is not using the values from that plugin.

    its using the default email to send mail.

    when i try to send mail or post to all the users.

    its not receiving to my yahoo?

    i am receiving to the Gmail.

    can u pls help me to fix this?


  19. Jason

    Is there a widget to get people to sign up for your site only to receive email notifications rather than making them sign up for a user name and password for the site?


  20. ellenroh

    Hi, i’m trying this plugin and it’s really good! I like it 🙂 but i’ve a suggestion if possible. I’m using to sending email, like activation user and so on, the plugin WP-Mail-SMTP. Using as Mail function, in Email User 2 Settings, WordPress Mail or Native PHP mail, wp doesn’t send emails. Is there a way to choose another plugin like WP-Mail-SMTP in Mail function?
    Thx and keep up with the good work 😀

    1. Jürgen Schulze Beitragsautor

      thanks for your support.
      I would really like to help you.
      But I don’t completely understand your problem/question.
      Can you try to explain better, please.
      You are using a plugin called “WP-Mail-SMTP” which collides with EMU2? Did I get you right?

  21. ellenroh

    Nono everything works fine.

    I must use WP-Mail-SMTP to send activation email for new registered user using SMTP, or they wont receive it, i think it’s a server setting, dunno really. I’ve tried to send a test notification using EU2 but none of the Mail function i choose in the setting page seems to work. I don’t receive anything xD I think the problem is related to the fact that i’m not using WordPress mail or Native php mail, but another plugin in. I’m asking if it’s possibile to choose a different fuction, or setting them manually, like i did for WP-Mail-SMTP. Is it possible to develope anything like this?

    1. Jürgen Schulze Beitragsautor

      What settings do you enter in WP-Mail-SMTP?
      Maybe I can enrich my current settings with it. Or maybe I can let the user enter a third bunch of settings.

  22. ellenroh

    Thank you 🙂

    Here u go with WP-Mail-SMTP fields

    From Email:
    You can specify the email address that emails should be sent from. If you leave this blank, the default email will be used.
    From Name:
    You can specify the name that emails should be sent from. If you leave this blank, the emails will be sent from WordPress.

    Send all WordPress emails via SMTP.
    Use the PHP mail() function to send emails.

    SMTP Options
    These options only apply if you have chosen to send mail by SMTP above.

    SMTP Host:
    SMTP Port:

    No encryption.
    Use SSL encryption.
    Use TLS encryption. This is not the same as STARTTLS. For most servers SSL is the recommended option.

    No: Do not use SMTP authentication.
    Yes: Use SMTP authentication.

    If this is set to no, the values below are ignored.


    1. Juergen Schulze Beitragsautor

      I just tried different settings and it’s still fine.
      Give it a try and leave the value inside “From Name” and “From Email” empty. My plugin uses the values automatically which are stored for the sending user.
      I have contacted the programmer of WP Mail SMTP for help.
      Stay tuned.

    1. ellenroh

      I’ve just tried it, but still didn’t work for me. I’ve tried leaving the fields empty. I still receive the mail using the test of WP Mail SMTP even with empty field, but Email User 2 still not working.
      I hope that with the help of the programmer of WP Mail SMTP you will find a solution 🙂 Thanks really for your help 😀

  23. ExtremeGadgetGuy

    Hi Juergen Schulze,

    I actually have the exact same issue as ellenroh. If I use WordPress’s native emailer, many times, a new user won’t get the email. This is because the “Return-Path” set in the email header is incorrect. So if the receiving mail server tries to verify the “Return-Path” and it see’s it is invalid, it rejects the email as if it is spam.

    To solve this problem, I installed a plugin like ellenroh that uses SMTP instead of PHP Mail or the built-in WordPress email function.

    With EMU2, I am running into the exact same problem as I did with WordPress’s native emailer. For me, if I pick “Wordpress mail” it won’t send at all. If I pick “Native PHP Mail” it sends, but with the wrong Return-Path and therefore the receiving mail servers reject it.

    If I knew of a way to manually set the “Return-Path” using your plugin with the “Native PHP Mail” option, that would solve my problem. However, another option would be if you provided an SMTP option such as ellenroh suggested.


    1. Juergen Schulze Beitragsautor

      Thanks for the hint with Return-Path.
      Funny is I already used “Return-Path” but for what reasons ever I deactivated it – you can check it in the old source code, it’s already there, but deactivated.
      Please try the newest version 0.65b

  24. ExtremeGadgetGuy

    Hi Juergen,

    I installed version .65b, but don’t see where to set the Return-Path. I sent myself an email with EMU2 using “Native PHP Mail” and the Return-Path is still incorrect.

    Thank you for working on this.

    1. Juergen Schulze Beitragsautor

      Are there any other plugins which could interfere with EMU2?
      Is it too much to ask to switch every other plugin off and then test again?
      How do you normally send mails from your server? Did PHP:mail() ever worked?

  25. ayaz malik

    I just updated the plugin and now i sent an email, but it seems email never reached any of the members 🙁 . i didn’t received it on my other address for testing as well which is registerd as a member too.

    Also i always add a paremeter to keep track in the end of post link which differentiate how many ppl reached me by clicking from email. it seems that the email never reached, i didn’t got any count 🙁

      1. ayaz malik

        rest of the site and everything is working fine. The only issue is with the email sending, as i noticed it runs the process, sends me the emails which are sent on admin adress after every email sent to users. But the user never receive emails, i have a user base of 3000 , not even 1 received email.

        1. Juergen Schulze Beitragsautor

          Where do you host your blog?
          Are there any special mail sending settings to be taken care of? Special server or port or are additional header required?
          Did you check for support forums of your hosting company?

          1. ayaz malik

            Hello, yes i have checked with hsoting, it was an issue at their end its fixed now 🙂 .
            But one issue today i sent an email and sender name was sent as “Wordpress” 🙁 . how to fix that issue, i want the sender name to be my Site’s Name

  26. Matt Sicotte

    I Am having the same trouble with send emails to My subscribers as well. The plugin was functioning Great before update, now non of My list Receives emails with this plugin. I Have troubleshooted all the reasons it stopped functioning properly, however nothing has fix the issue. It is rather frustrating. I Do Appreciate Your plugin especially when it functioned well 🙂

    Thank You!

  27. Martha

    Hi Juergen,
    Is it possible to custom specify the number of bcc recipients? I would like to use Emu2 to send out to many recipients but with only 1 name per email otherwise most programs will block the email as spam. My host allows unlimited email sending so I will not be blocked as ayaz was.

  28. ellenroh

    Hi Juergen,
    even with the last update I still got the same problem 🙁 dunno how to solve it, but without WP-Mail-SMTP WordPress can’t send emails, neither registration or confirmation email to user who wants to register. If u have any clue how to solve the problem, tell me 🙂
    Thx 🙂

    1. Juergen Schulze Beitragsautor

      My advice would be to activate the debug mode. Then copy all the information written inside the header output section on the screen and sent it to you admin. Ask him why this does not work. Don’t forget to give him a precise time stamp.
      A good admin should be able to answer the question by looking into his log files.

  29. Ian

    Hello Jurgen, I’m using your WordPress plugin EMU2 to email the users of my blog and I’m hoping to create a themed page where any other user can do the same. That is, I want to create a themed page where any registered user can send an email blast to all the other users. Can that be done with your plugin? Thanks in advance and regards, imm

  30. idahoannie

    Wonderful Plugin! All my users are liking the ease of using it. I notice that when sending email, the plugin populates the To: with the sender’s real address. Is there any way to just have the senders name populate in To: Is there anyway to remove it and replace it with just the users name?

    I’m not keen on anyone having full senders email addresses sent to them when they email from the site.


    1. idahoannie

      fixed this by taking out the 0 in both address fields in settings. Now I am sending out a duplicate email to my recipients. There has to be a setting in there I don’t know how to change. I am using your latest version.

    2. Juergen Schulze Beitragsautor

      I could change from real names to user names.
      But that is not really important as mails are only sent in Bcc. Normally you should not see any other name but your own.

  31. Ian Miller

    Thanks Juergen, I’ve implemented the User Role Editor. Do you have ideas about how to make the page match my theme? I tried using the code from the php file that send group emails, but it doesn’t seem to work. Also, is the plugin tested with WordPress 3.1.2? Thanks and Regards, imm

  32. Karen

    I’ve downloaded your plugin and it seems to be working fine.
    My question is: How to add and delete groups in the recipient

    It lists the groups but I can’t delete or add to it.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Juergen Schulze Beitragsautor

      What you ask for is a WordPress’ core functionality.
      It is not very useful to delete groups of users as you would delete the group as well.

  33. Vincent Prat


    I am the original author of Email Users. I would have appriciated it if you had put credits on the WordPress site. My web site address is now http://www.marvinlabs.com

    I think that a collaboration would have been possible in order for you to contribute directly to the Email Users plugin so that we keep only one code base and all the new features and fixes together at the same place.


    Vincent Prat

    1. Juergen Schulze Beitragsautor

      Hello, Vincent, nice to hear from you.
      before I started my plugin version I contacted you several times and asked for future request and bug fixes. But you never reacted.
      So I had now other choice but to start my own one. As you see, it is still BETA.
      I mentioned your copyright notice in the header of every php file originally created by you, you can check yourself.
      But you are right, I will give you proper and better credit in the final version. Well, whenever it will be finished.
      You are free to take any of my code if you want to.
      But I have to confess that the code is already too messed up. You did not stick to WordPress coding standards, neither did I, because I only wanted something finished to use.

  34. Ken

    The email that is sent to users takes out line breaks. Things that are formatted in the editor come through all cramped together in the email. Also, the Link button in the editor doesn’t work.

  35. Yulius

    Hi Jurgen,
    Thanks for a great plug in.

    I have a challenge though.
    Here is the preview:
    Subject [Quantum Leap by Integrating Body, Mind and Spirit] A post of interest: “Make IT Happen – M Carey”


    I would like to bring your attention on a new post published on the blog. Details of the post follow; I hope you will find it interesting.

    Best regards,


    Make IT Happen – M Carey

    Very Inspirational song by Mariah, accompanied me loyally during my breeze walking this evening :).

    Link to the post: http://bodymindspiritintegration.com/2011/05/make-it-happen-m-carey/
    Link to Quantum Leap by Integrating Body, Mind and Spirit: http://bodymindspiritintegration.com

    but the email test that I received only like this:


    I would like to bring your attention on a new post published on the blog. Details of the post follow; I hope you will find it interesting.

    Best regards,


    Link to the post:
    Link to Quantum Leap by Integrating Body, Mind and Spirit: http://bodymindspiritintegration.com
    missing the info on url and other.

    Please kindly advise on fixing this.

    Note: I tried both plain text, html. As well php mail and native wordpress mail. They are all ok but the url and other info is not included.

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Juergen Schulze Beitragsautor

      i tried this today with different email accounts.
      It was always doing well.
      Text was inserted and the link to it as well.
      Maybe you can check again?

  36. Yulius

    Hi Juergen,
    Thanks. It works now!!:) ( the send test to mys self with the details)

    But how to send the emails to the users?

    Thanks a lot!

  37. Tony Payne

    This is a wonderful plugin, especially where I have many registered users, with different capabilities.

    I may have found a bug…

    If I try to send a message to a Group of users, highlight text in the message and try to add a link, the Link button does not appear to do anything. I can add a link manually by going into HTML view and typing the code, but I cannot do it in Visual mode for some reason.

    I am using MSIE8 with Windows WP Pro.

    Hope this helps, keep up the good work.

  38. Cyrus Gholston

    The tools are a big help. You make these instruments quite obtainable because I am getting a very difficult time seeking them.

  39. Nikko

    On thing really important. Having the possibility to specify the table and the field to extract the emails.
    Because if you have a shop, or some subscription plugin, it will not save the emails in the User database but in another one.
    It would be great to be able to customize this so that this plug-in can be an universal way to send newsletters.

    1. Juergen Schulze Beitragsautor

      but for the time being this would be WAY TOO custom.
      I use the build in function of WordPress to retrieve the user’s email addresses to be on the safe side and to be compatible with future WordPress versions.
      For people like you it would simply be the best to automatically bulk create users for WordPress with an extract of your shopping system’s data base.
      I have a plugin which exactly does this. Let me know if you are interested.

  40. Toni

    Your update is now spamming my users with digest mails! It already sent 3 today after I updated. Help! I have it set blank which says there is no schedule. I need to turn this functionality off or I will lose users.

    1. Toni

      Ok. Bummer I am not sure how to fix my issue so I am just pulling the emails off the back end of my mySQL database. Not the easiest solution but stops my website from spamming my users.

      If you get a solution to disable the digest mails, let me know. I like your plug-in!

  41. laura


    Your plug in is great usually, however I just updated it and it automatically sent out an update to all my users without me setting/wanting it to. It said it was a digest of the latest posts but in fact was just a link to the home page.

    I went to the settings and it was already configured as follows:

    mail format: html
    mail function: native php
    individual sender name and address: both empty
    BCC limit: 0
    place sender in every field: off – although sender WAS in every field in the email
    Debug mode: off
    Schedule time of digest mail: empty

    I have had to deactivate it as I can’t have that happen again. Can you tell me if I need to change the settings, or what has happened to it. It was the only plugin that I have had to update today if that makes any difference.


  42. Govpatel


    Ever since I upgraded there are emails sent like this one

    Digest of Your WordPress Troubles Are Now Officially Over: http://gbpcentral.com

    Thank you

    to all members can you please let me know if there is problem with upgrade or is there any setting I need to change.


  43. Mohsin

    Hello Juergen,

    I have a small issue.. I just updated to version “0.80b (09.06.2011)” … It is now automatically sending “digest mail” to every member on our website.. I think the auto message is going with a gap of few minutes..

    In the settings, “Schedule time of digest mail: the time field is empty.. Then why is it sending the digest mail again and again??

    Please let me know, how to stop or get hold on this issue?

    Thanks & Looking Forward to your earliest reply, Thanks


    1. Mohsin

      Oh, may be I found it… I just pressed “save changes”.. Now there is no more schedule.. 🙂

  44. Tony Payne

    I like the option to send a scheduled digest email, but the plugin seems to be sending this to all users every hour since I updated.

    The scheduled time is not set, and I can’t find a way to turn it off, which would be nice, especially if you want to stop sending digests.

    Thanks for a great plugin.

  45. Idahoannie

    wordpress 3.1
    This is waht I am getting instead of the notice that someone has posted a page or post. Any idea on how to fix this so it goes back to the default of emailing notices to the members again? This is driving me nuts!

    digest NOT sent there are no new posts

  46. laura

    I want to change the email address that sends out the emails but can’t find where to do it. I go to Emu2 settings page and type in the name and address in “individual sender name” and “individual sender address” and then save but it makes no difference. I can’t find where else to change it. Please help.

      1. laura

        Nope. I changed the individual sender name and the individual sender address, then clicked save on the settings page. Then I went straight to the Send to users page and sent myself a test email. The “Sender” email address hadn’t changed I noticed, but I sent it anyway. And sure enough, it came from the old email address not the new one. What do I do?

  47. Andy

    I have recieve two times this E-Mail from my WordPress 3.1.3.:


    Digest NOT sent

    E-Mail Text:

    There are no new posts

    This is your Plugin, can you fix this? I have not send this E-Mail to me, the Plugin send it alone. Please stop this, thanks.


  48. Cary Ganz

    I am having a huge problem. First I am getting registrations that claim that they did not register. Secondly, many emails are going out every day to the same user. It seems that the same email is going out to the same user numerous times a day.

    ANy thoughts?


  49. I Can I Do

    Hello to all Users who are facing trouble / problem with the AUTO DIGEST E-MAILS.. I also had to face the same problem.. But I found a very easy solution for it..

    Once you install the Email User 2 plugin…

    Go the the Email User 2 Settings.. There you will see “Schedule time of digest mail” and next to it a box for time.. Just leave or make that box blank and press “SAVE CHANGES” button, that is just under it..

    Auto Digest Emails won’t stop until you press “SAVE CHANGES”..

    See the srceenshot: http://icanido.webs.com/Email-Users-2.jpg

    Hope the problem will get resolved, as mine did!

  50. Amar Mehta


    Thank you for creating this plugin. It’s really powerful.

    I need your help, as mentioned in FAQ section by you “I advice you to turn this automatic function off until the bug is fixed.”, can you please let me know how to turn off the automatic digest sending completely. I want to email users manually, as and when I need.

    Thank you for your time and energy.


      1. Amar Mehta


        I have left it empty but it still sends me (admin) an email every hour “Digest Not Sent” and whenever a new post is made it automatically sends an email to all users.

        Let me know if you need more details.

        Thanks and regards,

  51. Alquiler

    I have read and understood his warning about the build in scheduler of WordPress, my case worse than Andy says in his commentary. I receive dozens of emails with the same content “Digest NOT sent” and “There are no new posts” every day and worst of all … I uninstalled the plugin 2 weeks ago! Are supposed to uninstall your plugin this will also erase all your data from the database.

    How can this be happening? and most importantly HOW DO I SOLVE THIS DRAWBACK???


    1. Juergen Schulze Beitragsautor

      This “Digest NOT sent” mail is only to inform you that there was NO digest sent today because there were no new posts.
      And when you uninstall this plugin it will only remove the date related to this plugin.
      The plugin itself does NOT touch your database tables.

      1. Alquiler

        I understand your explanation but I still have this problem, the plugin was uninstalled and I receive dozens of emails every day. What should I do to stop receiving these emails?


        1. Alquiler

          Thank you for your NO support! Every day I delete dozens of emails “Digest NOT Send” and all thanks to you and your damn plugin. You are in my thoughts every morning ..


  52. I Can I Do

    Hello Juergen,

    One thing is still not fixed.. The FORMATTING (spacing) of the text.. All the text in e-mail message, gets mixed up..

    To make it simpler: The tag is might be not working..

    Is there any solution?

    Thanks & Looking Forward..


      1. I Can I Do


        Thanks for your prompt reply..

        Actually I don’t need formatting.. I just need to have “LINE BREAK” in-between the text / sentences..

        Right now.. When I write 5 or more lines.. They all become like one Paragraph..

        1. Pewit

          I also have the same problem with the HTML being stripped from the Email – it doesn’t matter if I use the WordPress Email or PHP Email to send it.

          Links are preserved but the and characters are stripped out.

  53. Andres

    I am using the 0.81b on wordpress 3.1. And it is not sending any emails. Am I missing a step? This is exactly what I need other then the fact that its not emailing.

    1. Andres

      Nevermind I figured it out. It turns out you have to use an email from the domain. Thank you so much for this amazing plugin.

  54. frank zajaczkowski

    Hey dude, cool picture of you by the pool. Question, how do I delete email addresses (recipients) from the Email Users 2 database? I want to remove some subscribers.



    1. Juergen Schulze Beitragsautor

      Thank you,
      EMU2 does not have an own database. It is simply linked to the WordPress user database.
      So, if you want to delete a email address simply delete the corresponding user.
      Or if you don’t want to delete him put him in a group name “no_mails_please” (or whatever) and don’t mail him.
      But the user itself can configure if he wants to be mail by the digest function in his user settings – just scroll down and deactivate:
      Accept to recieve emails sent to multiple recipients (but still accept emails sent only to me)

  55. Jimmy

    Danm nice plugin.!

    Just what the doctor ordered. 😉
    But seriously it saves me a lot of time when I have to write my authors, if you have guest authors then this is a must have.!

  56. beats by dre

    u don’t want to delete him put him in a group name “no_mails_please” (or whatever) and don’t mail him.
    But the user itself can configure if he wants to be mail by the digest function in his user settings – just scroll down and deactivate:
    Accept to recieve emails sent to multiple recipients (but still accept emails sent only to me)

  57. Gary Jenkins

    I tried using the plugin yesterday and had a problem that turned out to be another plugin.
    The other plugin allowed me to set how many emails would be sent in an hour to keep my Hosts happy. It did its job well, but cut off most of the emails, so I’m just wondering if you have any plans to add that feature into your plugin?


    1. Juergen Schulze Beitragsautor

      Hello, Gary.
      from my experience I would advice you to find a less restrictive host. With cheap hosts like that you will always run into trouble.
      If you want a serious business you have to invest.
      The differences between 1.000 mails an hour and 100.000 should only make a few bucks.
      Even if I made a workaround in my plugin (which I won’t due to little time) should will sooner or later run into another problems because of this restrictions.

  58. Shafi

    I have tried sending a test mail myself. But I didn’t receive any of the email. What is the mail function to be used, either built in function or php. Have I missed something in the settings?

  59. n.k.i

    Hello Jurergen,

    I use it the plugint prepared by you and i love it!

    How it would be possible to change it the EMU2 plugint let me be able to choose from 2 template the letter dispatch?

    Thank you

  60. monbouc

    Hi. And thanks for your work.
    Do you plan to add an attachement option ? It would be interesting to get such a possibility.


  61. Friendship Quotes

    Excellent post at WordPress: Send Administrator E-Mails to all you users with Email Users 2 Plugin (Emu2). I was checking continuously this blog and I am impressed! Very helpful information specifically the last part 🙂 I care for such information much. I was seeking this certain info for a long time. Thank you and best of luck.

  62. Stephen

    Juergen, GREAT plugin. Thank you so much.

    I would like to email a weekly digest of posts. Is this possible?
    We have little traffic on our site but many users, a digest of the weeks activity would be awesome. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again


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