Opera Problems with Googlemail login solved

Whenever you got the message from Googlemail, that it takes too long to login with your Opera browser or if you encounter any other login problems with Google services do the following:

  1. Edit site preferences (for google.com; right click mouse when opening mail.google.com):
    – accept cookies
    – delete new cookies when exiting Opera
  2. Edit site preferences: Delete EVERY cookie related to Google. If you are uncertain, just delete all cookies.
  3. Close every tab which shows google content – even the one with the not working login (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!)
  4. Clear Opera’s browser cache, completely and not only for a single URL (new function since Opera 11)
  5. Close Opera
  6. Login with any other Browser (Chrome should work) and disable Google Labs in the settings (see screen shot). It’s not enough to click the link entitled “Disable Google labs” during login. I realized that I was always able to login with a fresh default account not with my main account where I twisted every nuts and bolds and made a lot of fine tuning with labs. So, for the time being, you should stay away from Google labs.
  7. Restart Opera.
  8. Try again, it should work now.

disable deactivate google labs completely

This trick works for Opera 11.1 and every older version as well.

If it still does not work, try this:

  • type into URL: “opera:config#Browser%20JavaScript” change the value to 1 and save.

If you are using Ad Blocker Software like Ad Muncher (which in my eyes is the best) then try and deactivate it for the login process. You can switch it on again once you are logged in.

I am only writing this down to help myself again when I am stucked again. Somehow I keep on forgetting how to solves those problems.