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WordPress plugin: Display SQL Stats

Displaying SQL result data as graphical chart on the dashboard with use of Google Chart Tools.

Showing chart in dashboard

Showing chart in dashboard



Download from WordPress repository.


0.7 (2014/02/05)

  • adding/removing SQL statements more stylish

0.6.5 (2013/12/27)

  • fix bug on automatic detection of column types
  • better formatting of debug information

0.6.4 (2013/11/08)

  • only enrich header when on dashboard (2013/10/17)

  • fixing small bug on min/max values when using more than one barcharts

0.6.3 (2013/10/15)

  • placing automatic max/min values on barcharts for better visualisation

0.6.2 (2013/09/14)

  • bug fix on emtpy results
  • switch charts on/off

0.6.1 (2013/09/14)

  • bug fix on wrong date display

0.6 (2013/09/14)

  • Check on WordPress 3.6.1
  • New chart types: Bar Chart
  • auto detecting of column types: date, number, string

0.5 (2013/09/10)

  • Use different chart types (Pie Chart, Scatter Chart, Bubble Chart)

0.4 (2013/08/21)

  • Use multiple SQL statments and charts

 0.3 (2013/08/17)

  • Tested with WP 3.6
  • New default demo SQL to demonstrate how to insert additional columns

0.2 (2013/04/25)

  • NEW: Notepad function to store different SQL statement, ideas or whatever

0.1 (2013/04/16)

  • first test version

WordPress plugin: 404-to-start send every page not found error to start page

WordPress 3.9.1 ok

“404-to-start” plugin will send every 404 page not found error directly to start page or any other custom page/site you like to overcome problems with search engines. With optional email alert. This will help you solve problems with external bad links which are not under your influence. Chose between 301 – Moved permanently (default) and 302 – Moved temporarily. screenshot-1

Download from WordPress repository.

Changelog (07.06.2014) (04.12.2013)

  • New search engines (24.11.2013)

  • New search engines (11.11.2013)

  • small bug fix where you could get too many mails

1.5.7 (11.11.2013)

  • Now even sends mail alerts if redirect is turned off

1.5.6 (11.11.2013)

  • New search engines

1.5.5 (10.11.2013)

  • New search engines

1.5.4 (28.09.2013)

  • New search engines

1.5.3 (26.09.2013)

  • New search engines

1.5.2 (23.07.2013)

  • New search engines

1.5.1 (13.05.2013)

  • Better search engine detection

1.5 (30.03.2013)

  • Bug fixing
  • Better search engine detection

1.4.3 (25.03.2013)

  • Translation

1.4.2 (24.03.2013)

  • Exclude logged in users from triggering email alert
  • Exclude search engine agents from triggering email alert

1.4.1 (18.03.2013)

  • Putting more information into alert mail

1.4 (17.03.2013) =

  • Email alert

1.3.2 (27.02.2013)

  • Replacing deprecated function

1.3.1 (10.01.2013)

1.3 (03.03.2011)

  • Set custom target Url (any page or site you like)

1.2 (24.02.2011)

  • tested with WordPress 3.1

1.1 (10.02.2010)

  • new settings menu
  • chose between 301 and 302 redirect
  • tested with WordPress 3.0.5

1.0 (02.01.2010)

  • first Version

WordPress: Send Administrator E-Mails to all you users with Email Users 2 Plugin (Emu2)

Tested with WordPress 3.2.1!

Now schedule your mails.

WordPress: Send email to users, manually or on schedule (digest of newest posts). Users can send emails to each other. Export function included. A plugin for wordpress which allows you to send an email to the registered blog users. Users can send personal emails to each other. Power users can email groups of users and even notify group of users of posts. With ability to schedule mails of the newest post in digest form.


Download from WordPress repository


Do you have other plugins?

Check out my other WordPress Plugins.

My provider/host/server does not seem to work with your plugin

OK, there are some administrator outside which treat their services very strict. Mass mailing can always be misused for spamming. That’s why you should ask your admin for current restrictions on mail sending. Pass their answers to me. And by the way, if you are starting a serious business than you should not put your website on a cheap mass web host without any personal support.

Problems with automatic sending. Why are some mails send by the hour instead daily or even three times in a row?

The build in scheduler of WordPress which I use in this plugin is not 100% reliable. This seems to be a bug. It’s already an issue in the bug tracking system of the WordPress developers. Have a look: Emu2 is still beta. If you don’t want to get into trouble with your users I advice you to turn this automatic function off until the bug is fixed.

How can I give certain users the ability to use EMU2?

Scroll down in settings menu and you will find the different capabilities. You can assign them to different roles, hence to your users. I would advice you to use the plugin [User Role Eitor].

Where do I post my feedback?


How can I support you?

That is nice of you. Donation link:

Will there ever be a real manual?

I don’t know. Maybe.


0.83b (23.11.2011)

  • adding spanish version – Thanks to Pablo Olave from Chile

0.82b (06.07.2011)

  • tested with WordPress 3.2 -> ok
  • fixed HTML link problem in visual editor

0.81b (10.06.2011)

  • not sending empty mail without digest
  • sending success mail to admin

0.80b (09.06.2011)

  • NEW: Schedule a digest mail of the newest posts
  • Put sender into to field when sending problems (optional)
  • editing of templates moved to additional section

0.73b (30.05.2011)

  • Bugfixing on sending of test mails

0.72b (30.05.2011)

  • Test with WordPress 3.1.3 -> ok
  • Bugfixing on missing Url information in sent mails
  • changed default values from 0 to NULL to prevent possible errors

0.71b (24.04.2011)

  • enhancing administration of user capabilities

0.70b (16.04.2011)

  • some bug fixing with invalid from field values
  • bcc limit variable
  • choose your own sender name and address
  • more translations

0.65b (07.04.2011)

  • setting Return-Path
  • setting Message-Id

0.64b (05.04.2011)

  • implementing debug mode
  • tested with WordPress 3.1

0.63b (09.02.2011)

  • tested with WordPress 3.0.5
  • additional translation

0.62b (04.02.2011)

  • Translation of user roles

0.61b (04.02.2011)

  • Debug Info in subject line removed (sorry for that)

0.60b (03.02.2011)

  • UTF-8 Bug with german Umlauts fixed
  • Ability to chose between server mail function and wordpress mail function
  • new icon

0.54b (02.02.2011)

  • Solving Dashboard Folding Bug

0.53b (02.02.2011)

  • Some new translating.
  • Improving Error messages when using different roles

0.52b (01.02.2011)

  • fixed redeclare of function error

0.50b (27.01.2011)

  • using build in wordpress function so sent mail
  • adding screenshots
  • translation update
  • now with traceless deinstallation routine

0.42b (26.01.2011)

  • HTML-Editor: fixing problems with media upload

0.41b (26.01.2011)

  • Fixing small HTML-Editor bug

0.40b (22.01.2011)

  • Using HTML-Editor (TinyMCE)
  • Fixing small mail sending bug
  • making screenshots

0.32b (10.01.2011)

  • UTF-8

0.31b (10.01.2011)


0.3b (10.01.2011)

  • wrong folders

0.2b (10.01.2011)

  • first version, please test before productive using
global $qrcodetag; echo $qrcodetag->getQrCodeUrl($content, $size, $encoding, $ecc, $margin, $version);

WordPress: Create unique content with Old Post Spinner

WordPress 3.2 ok!


Create a complete unique new post on a random old one and promote it to the top of your blog.

It is really easy to handle and self-explanatory.

Compared to other plugins which do pretty much the same my plugin uses the build in functionality of WordPress’ own “cronjob”. This makes the whole part much more stable and (what is even more important) bypasses workload away from the server.

Every promotion is registered in a log file.


Download directly from repository.


Is there anything I should be aware of? Any limitations?

Yes! This plugin should no be used with permalink structures that include dates.

Please explain me the settings’ values

Old Post Spinner (OPS) checks if a certain amount of time has passed. If so it promotes (or duplicates, depending on the settings) a random post to any position you like.

E.G. take this values:

  • Minimum interval between old post promotions: 2000 minutes
  • Random maximum interval (added to minimum interval): 500 minutes

Now OPS will every 200 0+ X minutes (where X lies somewhere random between 0 and 500) pick up one old post and promote (or duplicate) it to the defined position.

OPS will take into account which posting categories you never want to promote

You can also specify an minimum age for a post to be considered.

What will happen? Let’s take 10 posts ordered by age with No. 1 the as the youngest one. OPS picks the, let’s say, sixth post and give it the current date to promote it to position number one.

If you want a post to be promoted to position 3 OPS will place it, regarding the date, exactly in the middle between number 2 and (the old) number 3, which now will drop to position 4.

What is the difference between duplicating and promoting?

Promoting will move the post to a new position, whereas duplicating will copy a post to the new position, so the latter generates a new post.

What are the best practice values?

They are installed as default values. Minimum interval: 2000 minutes, Random interval: 500 minutes, Post age: 14 days. But maybe you should experiment with your own values. It’s up to you.

What do you mean with spinning?

Spinning means the creation of a new “spinned” content. That will create a new and unique post every time it gets promoted (or duplicated).

How do I spin the title and the content?

That requires a bit of handwork. You can manually add multiple synonym versions of any sentence and any word you want. That is done by using the characters |, { and }. I give you an example:

Hello, my name is {Jack|Jim} and I love {Tennis|Golf}.

Using this spinning instructions sentence will generate this four different result sentences every time your article is promoted:

  • Hello, my name is Jack and I love Tennis.
  • Hello, my name is Jack and I love Golf.
  • Hello, my name is Jim and I love Tennis.
  • Hello, my name is Jim and I love Golf.

So, with a little bit of extra afford you are able to create a complete unique post every time.

Just add as many synonym sentences as you like between the curly brackets ”{“, “}” and separate each synonym sentence by Pipe “|”.

You can nest your sentences as well:

Hello, my name is {Jim|{Handsome|Ugly}Joe}.

Will result in:

  • Hello, my name is Jim.
  • Hello, my name is Handsome Joe.
  • Hello, my name is Ugly Joe.

IMPORTANT: Please post this spinning instruction sentences in the extra Old-Post-Spinner meta box of WordPress (see the screenshot) and NOT into the normal text and content form fields

What will happen if I only want to spin the title or the content?

No problem. If you only fill in spinning instructions on the title, then only the title will be spinned. The content won’t change. Same with the content, if you only want the content to be spinned, than leave the spinning instructions on the title empty.

What date will the promoted posts get?

Posts promoted to first position will get the current date. Posts below first position will be placed right in the middle of the enclosing posts.

Why should I use a category to ignore from promotion?

Some posts are simply not meant to be spinned. Especially if they are date-related. E.g. you should place posts with news into an omitted category.

But how do I hide the category from my blog?

If you don’t want this category to appear in you blog you can use the “AVH Extended Categories” plugin.

How can I recover the original dates?

All original dates are stored as custom fields. The name is “ops_original_pub_date”.

How can I support you?

That is nice of you. You can donate via Paypal.

How can I promote my newly dated posts to twitter now?

I think you should consider to use a service like It will pickup your promoted posts and send status messages to twitter.

Do you have other plugins?

Check out my other WordPress Plugins.

Where do I post my feedback?



2.4.0 (06.07.2011)

  • testing with WordPress 3.2 -> OK
  • small security bugfix

2.3.3 (10.06.2011)

  • testing with WordPress 3.1.3 -> OK
  • removing schedule cron value when deactivating as well

2.3.2 (12.04.2011)

  • small security bugfix

2.3.1 (25.03.2011)

  • bugs fixed on test routine, when entering wrong values

2.3.0 (15.03.2011)

  • using minutes instead of hours

2.2.1 (26.02.2011)

  • testing with WordPress 3.1 -> ok

2.2 (19.02.2011)

  • tested with 3.0.5
  • more FAQs
  • new screenshots
  • more log entries to check for
  • more translations

2.15 (04.12.2010)

  • tested with WordPress 3.02

2.14 (11.08.2010)

  • tested with 3.01
  • new screenshots

2.13 (11.07.2010)

  • Fresher design of meta boxes
  • new wording
  • correcting typo errors

2.12 (11.07.2010)

  • creating a brand new permalink when duplicating
  • fixing a bug where not unique permalinks could get deleted

2.11 (10.07.2010)

  • now detects an existing “Google XML Sitemaps Generator for WordPress”-Plugin and starts creating the sitemap on request

2.10 (09.07.2010)

  • tuning the visual design

2.02 (08.07.2010)

  • small bugfix where on rare occasions (special PHP/server configuration) OPS creates an error

2.01 (07.07.2010)

  • adding more logging messages

2.00 (06.07.2010)

  • Now you can even duplicate a unique post instead of only promoting it

1.21 (05.07.2010)

  • delete spinning instructions as well when removing of plugin

1.20 (25.06.2010)

  • fixed little date bug

1.10 (18.06.2010)

  • first multi language version
  • German added

1.09 (18.06.2010)

  • tested for WordPress 3.0 – ok
  • log folder error message now appears inside admin header

1.08 (17.06.2010)

  • fixed unnecessary warning messages on development systems

1.07 (16.06.2010)

  • moving log folder to wp-content path to face some problems when updating

1.06 (15.06.2010)

  • fixing problems some might have with the creation of log folder

1.05 (12.06.2010)

  • new FAQs
  • checking of implausible values
  • new screenshots

1.04 (08.06.2010)

  • better logview (check for still not existing log file)

1.03 (07.06.2010)

  • small bugfixes

1.02 (06.06.2010)

  • using build in WordPress Cronjob
  • better logfile view

1.01 (05.06.2010)

  • little bugfixes, wording
  • including of deinstalation routine to delete all data
  • implementing a better log file viewer

1.00 (04.06.2010)

  • first Version