WordPress plugin: Display SQL Stats

Displaying SQL result data as graphical chart on the dashboard with use of Google Chart Tools.

Showing chart in dashboard

Showing chart in dashboard



Download from WordPress repository.


0.7 (2014/02/05)

  • adding/removing SQL statements more stylish

0.6.5 (2013/12/27)

  • fix bug on automatic detection of column types
  • better formatting of debug information

0.6.4 (2013/11/08)

  • only enrich header when on dashboard (2013/10/17)

  • fixing small bug on min/max values when using more than one barcharts

0.6.3 (2013/10/15)

  • placing automatic max/min values on barcharts for better visualisation

0.6.2 (2013/09/14)

  • bug fix on emtpy results
  • switch charts on/off

0.6.1 (2013/09/14)

  • bug fix on wrong date display

0.6 (2013/09/14)

  • Check on WordPress 3.6.1
  • New chart types: Bar Chart
  • auto detecting of column types: date, number, string

0.5 (2013/09/10)

  • Use different chart types (Pie Chart, Scatter Chart, Bubble Chart)

0.4 (2013/08/21)

  • Use multiple SQL statments and charts

 0.3 (2013/08/17)

  • Tested with WP 3.6
  • New default demo SQL to demonstrate how to insert additional columns

0.2 (2013/04/25)

  • NEW: Notepad function to store different SQL statement, ideas or whatever

0.1 (2013/04/16)

  • first test version

6 Gedanken zu „WordPress plugin: Display SQL Stats

  1. Bleu

    Hello, do you intend to update your plugin to be able to use your SQL charts via shortcodes ? I would really enjoy to be able to display charts inside a post/page rather than in the dashboard ?

  2. Andrew

    I love your plugin for WordPress. I initially tried to use a view from a different database to the wordpress database but the data did not show up. There were no error codes or anything when I tried this. The only thing that I could think of is that maybe it was the Google Fusion part that could use the View table I had created in the WordPress db.

    I finally got smart and granted the wordpress user access to the other database and it worked like you said it would in your FAQs.

  3. abdelkrim

    After installing your plugin I get the following error :
    Warning: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, string given in C:\xampp\htdocs\wordpress2\wp-content\plugins\display-sql-stats\display-stats-admin.php on line 165
    Could you help ?


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