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Use the brand new Google Search by Image with Opera

Just checked it out. Works great!

If you want this to work for Opera Browser as well do the following:

  1. Open
  2. Right click mouse -> Edit Site Preferences…
  3. DISABLE Content|Enable content blocking
  4. Network|Browser identification|Mask as Firefox

Yes, I know, it’s a faking bypassing of Opera. Sorry, can’t help it.

Watch this little trailer by Google itself.

[youtube t99BfDnBZcI 560 349]

Google AppInventor: Conneting your phone, some hints

It is not that easy to connect AppInventor with your smart phone.

I had to hustle with three computer to succeed.

I checked with three Browser:

  • Opera: sometimes works, sometimes not. I can’t  find out why.
  • Firefox: Does not work at all.
  • Chrome: Works always (would be a shame if not)

Be patient, it sometimes takes a minute to connect.

Hint: Activate the USB debugging mode in your phone and don’t shake it too much, because the connection will get lost when the sensors try to flip the screen from horizontal to vertical mode.

If you still fail to connect try youADB.  This is a Windows tool which allows you to do various actions by just a couple of clicks. It will help you to establish a connection via ADB (=Android Debugging Bridge) which is essential for AppInventor. Go to “Phone|ADB” and press “Remount”

Still trouble? Than try adding “adb.exe” to system path.

Opera 10.5x sucks – Switching back to 10.10

After all this problems with 10.5, 10.51, 10.52 and 10.53beta I switch back to the best last stable version which was 10.10 for me.

No more problems of this kind:

  • endlessly waiting for DNS (every PC)
  • crashing when closing (every PC)
  • not starting at all (Asus Netbook)
  • crashing when synchronizing after closing (every PC)
  • false synchronization/double synchronization of bookmarks (every PC)
  • not loading pages at all all of a sudden
  • some usability features I dislike (new password wand message, new Javascript message box)
  • some felt slowdowns when too many pages with lot’s of Ajax are open. Parallel Firefox has not that problems
  • forgetting of passwords in wand (I can’t proof it 100% but it happened quite too often for my feelings)

I am very VERY sorry for that hence I have been a Opera supporter and power user since the first public version ever.

I still LOVE Opera.

I am writing this down because the official Opera forum has censored my posting.