Opera 10.5x sucks – Switching back to 10.10

After all this problems with 10.5, 10.51, 10.52 and 10.53beta I switch back to the best last stable version which was 10.10 for me.

No more problems of this kind:

  • endlessly waiting for DNS (every PC)
  • crashing when closing (every PC)
  • not starting at all (Asus Netbook)
  • crashing when synchronizing after closing (every PC)
  • false synchronization/double synchronization of bookmarks (every PC)
  • not loading pages at all all of a sudden
  • some usability features I dislike (new password wand message, new Javascript message box)
  • some felt slowdowns when too many pages with lot’s of Ajax are open. Parallel Firefox has not that problems
  • forgetting of passwords in wand (I can’t proof it 100% but it happened quite too often for my feelings)

I am very VERY sorry for that hence I have been a Opera supporter and power user since the first public version ever.

I still LOVE Opera.

I am writing this down because the official Opera forum has censored my posting.

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