SPAM – Datenbank von gehackt.

Heute bekam ich folgende Spam-Mail an eine zufällig generierte Adresse, die ich EINZIG und NUR für benutzt habe. Tja, ein Kunde weniger.

Good day.
This is superb profession opening. The company is seeking for energetic agent in EU to help us expand our activity in the Germany sector.

– Full age EU resident
– Only basic knowledge of Internet & computer.
– Free access to personal e-mail box
– 2-3 free hours per day
– Immediate replies on our written tasks
– good organizational skills.

You can without problem combine our work with your main work.
Admirable income ability. easy study possible.
Candidates must be intelligent and commerce oriented. Working only few hours per day.
Everyone located in the Germany can be our agent.
operator will e-mail you within few hours if you attracted.
Thank you for your time.