WordPress 3.2 sucks on Opera

Damn, fuck,
Wordpress 3.2 LOOKS good on Opera. But the Visual editor tinymce just sucks now. I had the same problem von wordpress.com with their new version.
For what FUCKING reason ever I can’t type in visuell mode.

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  1. Al

    I have no problems in the latest Opera version 11.50. But since WP 3.2 does not support IE6 I should downgrade to 3.0. Still 25 percent of my visitors use IE6, probably because they come from schools, universities and people who are still using very old software. I think I should be friendly for those people and not let my WP 3.2 urge them to upgrade, since a lot of my visitors simply cannot upgrade their browser. Rather silly action from WP, I have to say. Cheers.

  2. br

    I have the same problem (Opera 11.51).
    Using the visual wp editor with Opera is really annoying.

    @Al: You have to support IE6?? Just about 2% browser are still IE6, for very, very good reasons.


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