Reduce font file sizes

Troubled with bloated font files in your app? Try this to reduce the file size by removing not used letters

I did the following to remove all Cyrillic glyphs (letters) from a font, hence cutting file size in half as I only needed the Latin letters.

  1. get FontForge at
  2. start FontForge and open your Truetype font file
  3. Edit -> Select -> Select By Script
  4. on the pop up selection window chose Cyrillic from the drop down menu. As you might have guessed this will mark only the Cyrillic letters.
  5. Encoding -> Detach & Remove Glyphs, confirm the question. See how the Cyrillic letters disappear?
  6. Encoding -> Compact to get a better overview of the remaining letters which makes it easier to select more deleting candidates. (But I did not dare to manually delete/remove them.)
  7.  File -> Generate Fonts and don’t forget to chose ttf as output format.

Please consider that I am not a pro in this. But I needed a fast solution.

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