WordPress Plugins Upload with Subversion, Tortoise and Windows Tutorial, Part 1

Many of us, who had programmed a little WordPress plugin are not familar with Unix/Linux. Maybe they never even used a CLI before. Therefor I’d like to show how you can upload your developed plugins to the WordPress.org repository from Windows without any command line hustle.

But maybe you should read this before:

We are going to use the best Subversion Windows Tool, which is Tortoise. It will integrate seamlessly with Windows Explorer, so no need to enter any complicated commands by hand.

Installing Tortoise and first steps

  • Register and login at WordPress.org
  • If you want to add your plugin to the repository you have to apply for space on the WordPress.org repository. Now wait for a confirmation mail. The last time it took me three days.
  • Download Tortoise and use default parameters to install. You will have to restart Windows afterwards.

Adding your files to the wordpress.org repository

  • Create a folder on your local drive, e.g. “…/Wordpress/plugins”
  • Right click on folder and chose “SVN checkout”
  • Enter the URL of repository which you receive in the confirmation mail: http://svn.wp-plugins.org/your-plugin-name, e.G. http://svn.wp-plugins.org/geotagmapper (this is one of my plugins) and press OK. You will receive some checkout information.
  • Copy the plugin files you created to the local folder. Put everything in the trunk/ directory for now.
  • Let subversion know you want to add those new files to the repository. Select every file of your plugin, right click, “TortoiseSVN/Add…
  • Now check in the changes back to the central repository. Select the file, right click, “SVN Commit…“, then give a message to the check in.

Done. You just addedd your plugin to he wordpress.org plugin repository. Wait 15 minutes for the system to automatically wrap your files into a zip file and put it on the wordpress plugin page.

By the way, did you see how the icons changed? This was done by Tortoise to show you the different update status of every file and folder in a glance.

In part 2 of my tutorial to come I will give you more details about how to handle different versions of your plugins and we will look at some of the most asked questions and problems.

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